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  1. 1.Introduction to Open Stack

    Fundamentals of Open stack
    Open Stack Compute
    Open Stack Image service
    Open stack Network
    Open stack Identity
    Open stack Block Storage
    Open stack Dashboards
    Nova Architechture
    VM Provisioning walkthrough
    Create manage access virtual machine
    Create and manage volumes

  2. 2.Open Stack Object storage

    Overview of swift
    Usage and use cases of swift operations
    Uploading in segments
    Ring, Ring builder, partitioning
    Account container and object servers
    Adding metadata to objects
    Swift maintenance with swift Recon
    Security / ACLs
    Deployment and operations

  3. 3.Openstack Networking

    KVM network with Linux bridges
    Single-host Vs multi-host network
    Role of network managers in Nova network
    Accessing VM using floating IP
    Security groups
    Traffic flows
    Neutron Architecture and plugins
    Openstack network and admin operations
    Open Vs Switch concepts
    Neutron L3 and DHCP agents
    load balances as a service
    Configuring software load balances

  4. 4.Open Stack Compute

    Overview of Open Stack
    Nova Architecture
    Database service for Open stack
    Data Sore management with Open stack trove.

  5. 5.OpenStack Metering And Monitoring

    Celiometer Architecture
    Celiometer  meters and pipelines
    Celiometer deployment and integration with Open stack

  6. 6.Orchestraiton

    Heat Archestration
    Heat Orchestration Template (HOT)
    Orchestration, Scaling and elasticity
    Heat auto scaling
    Integration with Open Stack.

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