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Welcome to IPsolutions

IPsolutions was incorporated by entrepreneur and IT professional, Mr. Javed Khan. IPsolutions began with a vision of empowering fast moving information based world. Our mission is to fulfil the massive requirements of IT Industry, rendering IT education to broad spectrum of people, from students seeking career in computers to IT professionals in need of more advanced skills. We give IT managers polished edge. We serve children using computers as efficient tutor. We are proud to be the pioneers in ‘Hardware and Networking'.

Just when everyone was bent upon software, we foresaw the tremendous potential in hardware and networking, and successfully emerged as one of the best IT company for Hardware and Networking Solutions and the best institute for Hardware and Networking Training. Today these two sides of its business are equally balanced. The expertise of its training is coupled with a strong commitment to provide the best Hardware and Networking solutions. This has put IPsolutions in the unique position of deriving synergies between Network Solutions and IT Training.


CISCO Certification

Redhat Certification

Microsoft Certification

EC Council Certification

Check Point

  • Our technical staff

    At IPsolutions, we have versatile, highly qualified and certified Hardware and Networking engineers with varied academic backgrounds. The curious and qualified teaching staffs have complete understanding of the IT industry and emerging trends. They are provident enough to see to it that you are equipped with the latest knowledge in the ever changing world of IT industry

  • On-line interactive learning

    We believe in On-line Interactive learning. The problems or doubts which students often face while sitting before a system, is cleared by our staff as soon as they surface online. You experience interactive learning.

  • Work experience while learning

    After extensive learning, we subject our students to some real time situations (which is often created by our staff) and student is left alone, to handle the situation, to overcome the problem, with his own solutions. In this way, he getexperienced and exposure, even before the completion of course and is very much ready to seek the job with tremendous confidence.

  • Teaching strategy

    They say ‘It takes lot of beatings to make a pot’. Here we literally follow this method of beatings; Beatings it is just in the beginning- later you beat the world. Our training is vigorous. At IPsolutions we run strict schedules and conduct several crucial tests so as to prepare you for the challenges you are going to face in the vast and competitive IT world.

  • Technical facility

    Our labs are enormous and equipped with the latest systems available in the industry today. We also have product maintenance engineers who see to it that our systems are fully functional always. We have a good library, shelving books with latest versions and editions covering various topics on real time situations and troubleshooting, etc.