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MS Excel Basic

If you want to start your career in Microsoft Excel (Reporting or MIS), this is the perfect place for you to start.


Classroom Training



Build a strong understanding of Microsoft Excels basics Know the MS Excel most popular functions You will gain knowledge about workbooks and the various parts of an Excel worksheet, such as rows, columns, and cells. You will learn how rows and columns can be added / deleted and how to switch around in worksheets. You will also learn how to enter, move and copy data into cells, distribute content from cells, and more. To get started with Microsoft Excel, we will tell you everything you need to know. You will be groomed by Instructor who holds 14+ years of experience in corporate.

  1. Course Outline
    • Microsoft Excel Course Content
    • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
    • Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel
    • Editing & Entering Text and Formulas
    • Basic Excel Functions
    • Modifying an Excel Worksheet
    • Formatting Data
    • Inserting Images, Files and Shapes into an Excel Tab/Worksheet
    • Creating Basic Charts
    • Print Settings on Excel
    • Working on Excel Templates
    **You have built a Strong MS Excel Foundation

    Course Wrap Up (Assignment & Projects)

    The course is designed by keeping the requirement from corporate. The contents updated on the websites are high level, but during the course time you will learn more on it.

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