CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert (Security)


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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – Security or CCIE Security is the highest level of certification provided by Cisco among all the security certifications offered by them. It recognizes the mastery of a network engineers in providing expert solutions related to network security including their proficiency in implementing, configuring and troubleshooting intricate network security setups.

A CCIE Security certified professional is considered to be skilled in a variety of products and technologies such as Cisco Security Manager, Cisco IPS Device Manager, and Cisco IPS Manager Express, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewall, Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Cisco IOS Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS, Cisco Easy VPN, Cisco SSL VPN, Cisco Secure Desktop, Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance, Cisco Router & Security Device Manager, Cisco Security Agent, Cisco Secure ACS, Cisco Security Monitoring and Analysis and Response System.

Certification Prerequisites:

For this certification there are no prerequisites as such i.e. any prior certification or training is not mandatory.

CCIE Security Exams

Aspirant must clear 2 exams in order to acquire this coveted certification.

Required Exam(s) Recommended Training
CCIE Security Written Exam The first exam of these two exams is the written exam. The aspirant has to crack the written exam, which consists of up to 110 multiple choice questions covering the various concepts, models and theories related to Network Security including operation systems, security protocol and technologies and Cisco security application and the time duration for this exam is 2 hours. Also, it is mandatory for the candidate to answer a particular question before moving on to the next question in line and all questions must be answered. Clearing CCIE written exam is a prerequisite in order to sit for the Lab exam.
CCIE Security Lab Exam Once the candidate clears the written exam, then he/she is considered to be eligible for appearing in the Lab Exam which is a practical and hands-on exam where in the candidate is required to configure and troubleshoot multiple secure network setups in a given time slot which can be up to 8 hours. Further, the results of this exam can be view within 48 hours. Along with the result, the candidates are also provided with exclusive feedback on their results with valuable suggestions for improvement.